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Managing Shop Localisations

About Shop Localisations

Localisations of your shop are defined by the domain (i.e.: and the language used (i.e. German). Each shop of yours can have multiple localisations. 

All customer-facing features of Sendwise use localisation-grouping in order to make sure that the right language will be used in communication with the end user. For example, if the user made an order on the Polish domain of your shop, the e-mail notification he will get will be in Polish, same goes for the tracking page linked to that email and the dynamic content displayed on the latter. 

Adding a Localisation

In order to add a new localisation, click on the Account button in the bottom-left corner, then click Shop settings tab. Now, find the Localisations setting group and click at Localisations. Here, you'll find the list of localisations set for your shop. In order to add a new one, click at Add localisation button in the top-right corner.

Now, you can define the new localisation of your shop by providing the right domain and the language. 


The provided domain URL should begin with the https://