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Communication Center

This is the very beginning of the Communication Center, following referred to as Comms Center.


For now the Comms Center conduces as an overview for your delivery performance. With a performance dashboard containing several KPIs it is possible to check the individual performance for each country at just one place. 

KPIs on the delivery performance dashboard: 

  • PAC per year (runrate without go-live month with historic data until July 2019)
  • Average Parcel Density (PAC/PAL)
  • Average parcel weight (kg)
  • Shipments per month
  • Average Parcel Density (PAC/PAL) per month
  • Average parcel weight (kg) per month


The Comms Center is accessible via the account menu in the lower left hand corner of the Seven Senders Portal.

Please keep in mind that just Admin users have the right to navigate to this area.


The Comms Center enables everyone in the company who has an Admin role in the Seven Senders Portal to enter it. This ensures that just specific persons in your company, such as finance or operations, have access to the sensitive data within the Comms Center.


The dashboard included in the Comms Center will help you track your delivery performance easier. Besides, it provides a better understanding of the invoice you received from Seven Senders. This transparency helps you to easily compare the amount of shipments with your invoice and causes less questions. If something is still unclear, both parties, you and Seven Senders, are on the same page by referring to the same data within the Comms Center.

How to get started with the Comms Center?

1. To enter the Comms Center you need to login into your Seven Senders Portal and navigate to the account menu in the bottom of the side navigation.

This access will just be available for Admin users only.

2. Clicking on the Comms Center you will be directed to your delivery performance dashboard.

Don't be afraid, if you don't see any data in the first place. This is totally fine, since the KPIs are based on the countries you are shipping to.

3. Filter on the country you would like to have a deeper look into and see your delivery performance.