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Magento 1.x

This plugin automates the transfer of order and shipment data to Seven Senders and enables full usage of Sendwise and as well as access to the my7S label in the checkout process. In addition there is the option to embed a widget into order detail page to show status of shipment to your customer.


Please follow these steps to install the plug-in in your Magento 1 shop:

  • Download the installation package from the bottom of this page to your harddrive
  • In the Magento backend, navigate to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager
  • In the section 'Direct package file upload', select the file (SevenSenders_Shipments-1.0.0.tgz) and click Upload

Please note: The minimum Magento version required for the plug-in is



To activate the plug-in (after the upload has been successfully completed), please follow these instructions:

  • In the Magento backend, navigate to System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Settings > Seven Senders Settings.
  • Enable the plugin by clicking on the checkbox and insert your Access Key (provided by Seven Senders).
  • Click on Save Config.

After this, the plug-in is ready to be used.


Using the plug-in

Analytics and/or Touchpoint User (Sendwise)

The plug-in's main functionality consists in transferring your order and shipment data from your shop to your Seven Senders Analytics account.

Order data are sent whenever an order is created, shipment data are sent when a tracking number is added to a shipment.

Thus, you can proceed using Magento as normal, the plug-in will automatically send the data into Seven Senders system.

There are a number of changes in the user interface of the Magento shop backend which help you quickly accessing shipment status information:

  • In the overview of shipments, an additional column is added with the name '7S Tracking'. By clicking on the link, you can look at the tracking page of the Seven Senders shipment.
  • After a shipment is submitted, there are two changes in the screen for a specific shipment:
    • There is a link to the tracking page of the shipment in the section Shipping and Tracking Information. You can also access the tracking page by clicking on the shipment number.
    • After a shipment is submitted, the shipment's status history is displayed, e.g. 'New', 'Shipped', 'Delivered'.

If you use 7S Tracking and you want to include the 7S tracking information in any automatic e-mails sent to your customers, you can use the variables for the 7S shipment number and especially for the 7S tracking link. Upon plug-in installation, they are available in the variable library of your Magento shop.


Delivery with Seven Senders

The plug-in's main functionality consists in enabling you to print the Seven Senders label for each shipment that you want to ship with Seven Senders. For these shipments, the appropriate data are automatically transferred to the Seven Senders system (we need the data to create the final carrier labels and to provide the tracking for the Seven Senders shipments).

Order and shipment data are sent to the Seven Senders system when a shipment is submitted as a Seven Senders shipment in Magento.

How to create a Seven Senders shipment?

  • Select 'Ship' for any so far non-fulfilled order in the respective order view.
  • In the subsequent view 'New shipment for Order XXX', specify the items to be shipped and attach comments if needed (same as what you would do with a regular shipment).
  • You should not specify a shipment tracking number for the shipment, as it will be automatically assigned.
  • Just click the blue button 'Submit as Seven Senders shipment'.
  • You will receive the notification 'The shipment has been created'. Please note these things in the subsequent view:
    • You can find the tracking number of the shipment (the 7S ID) as well as a link 'Track this shipment'. Clicking on either will lead you to the Seven Senders tracking page.
    • On the top right, you find the button 'View Seven Senders Label'. Upon clicking on this button, the PDF with the 7S label will open (please allow pop-up windows). If you want to print the 7S label, open the PDF and print it.
    • On the left, you see the Seven Senders status history of the shipment. It will be updated when there are status changes of your shipment.

Where to find the tracking page?

There are two options:

  • As described above, you can find links to the page in the shipment view: Click either on the 7S ID or on the "Track this shipment" link.
  • Another option is to go to the list of all shipments. In the column '7S Tracking', you'll find a link to the respective tracking page for all the shipments that it exists for.

How to use the 7S tracking link in the shipment confirmation e-mail to the customer?

When installing the 7S plug-in, two variables are added to the variable library: one for the 7S tracking number and one for the 7S tracking link. You can use these variables in your shipment confirmation e-mails (or in other standard e-mails).


Analytics / Touchpoints User and Delivery with Seven Senders

The above specifications apply accordingly as well if you use both functionalities of the plug-in, i.e. both the functionality for Analytics & Touchpoints and the one for Shipping.