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For WooCommerce from Version 3.0.1 onwards, we're providing a plugin to ease-up access to the product world of Seven Senders.

This plugin allow to transfer order and shipment data to Seven Senders during the manual check-out process and with this enables full usage of Sendwise. It also makes the my7S label available for the checkout process. 

System requirements

  • A running WooCommerce environement of version 3.0.1 or higher


You find the plugin in the Wordpress Plugin library soon.
In parallel you can download the installation file from the bottom of this page.

In case you download the plugin from our support page, please follow the steps below to install the plugin in your WooCommerce environment:

  1. Download the Zip File at the bottom of this page
  2. Login to the administration page of your WooCommerce shop
  3. Enter the "add new" page in the plugin section
  4. On top of the page you find the button "Upload plugin" - press this and follow the steps to upload and install the ZIP file
  5. Your plugin is now listed as 'Seven Senders Shipping for WooCommerce' in the list of installed plugins


Following steps need to be done:

  1. Access the setting page via the list of installed plugins on your WooCommerce admin page
  2. Put the API key provided by Seven Senders in to the respective field
  3. With pressing the button "validate API token" you check if the provided API key is activated and transferred correctly.
  4. Fill the address fields with the sending address of your Shop
  5. Now Seven Senders is available as shipping method in your WooCommerce order processing page