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Oxid V6.0.x

For Oxid shop systems from version 6.0.x onward, we provide a plugin to connect you fast and easy to the world of Seven Senders.

This plugin automates the transfer of order and shipment data to Seven Senders and enables full usage of Sendwise and as well as access to the my7S label in the checkout process. In addition there is the option to embed a widget into order detail page to show status of shipment to your customer.

If you're using V4.10.x and upwards, please see respective set-up instruction in separate chapter.

System Requirements

  • A working OXID eShop installation (6.0.x)
  • PHP 5.4 or higher


  1. You find the archive containing the plugin at the bottom of this page. Download it and extract it on your machine.
  2. Upload all files from the folder 'copy_this/' via FTP into the root directory of your OXID eShop.
    Info: The files must be transferred in binary mode. For more information, see documentation of the FTP software
  3. Enter the following in the `composer.json` in the shop main directory:
    "autoload": {
        "psr-4": {
  1. Then run `composer dump-autoload` on the server to register the module for OXID 6.


  1. Log in to OXID eShop admin (usually: URL of your shop followed by '/admin')
  2. Click on Extensions on the left in the navigation on Modules
  3. Configure following settings in the Settings tab:       
    • Seven Senders Access Key: The key for the API to Seven Senders. This is provided by our Implementation team.
    • Shopalias: This value you will also receive from our Implementation team, after your account has been set-up by us.
    • Action on dispatch: Decide whether the broadcasts are created automatically or manually. 
    • Tracking integration: Specify here, if you want to use a tracking URL or embed a widget on the order detail page
    • Test mode: This mode is ONLY for support to test the functionality of the module in your shop. Please do not activate this option except being explicitly asked by Seven Senders to do so.
  4. Activate the module 'Seven transmitters', a connection test to Seven Senders is performed when activating.

  5. Navigate via FTP to the directory 'tmp/' from the root directory of your OXID eShop.
  6. Delete all temporary files from this folder, except the".htaccess" file